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Type: Online Team Event

Date: 21.04.2021

Language: German


Was für ein toller Abend!

Unsere über 30-köpfige Agentur wurde vom Monkey-Quiz Team souverän durch einen mega-spassigen Abend geführt.

Wissen, raten, hoffen, bangen und lachen, lagen ganz dicht beieinander. Die Fragen waren schwierig und doch lösbar.

Dieser professionelle und spassige Quiz als geführter Firmenevent, hat, besonders in diesen Tagen, allen Kollegen sehr gut getan.

— Nina Engel, Beraterin

What to expect

Event overview

Monkey-Quiz is a team event, in which players answer different questions in teams. The questions can be visual, acoustic, logical, pop-cultural, mathematical and problem-solving.
It is ideal for getting to know colleagues better, finding common interests and working on problem solving. The quiz can take place in German and English. There can be 3-8 people in a team and the whole game lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours.
Since April 2020 we are only offering online events and provide that using YouTube Live. We take over the game materials, the game management and introduction (including rules) as well as the evaluation of the winners (including certificates). Any winning gifts will be provided by the respective company.


Monkey-Quiz has been active as a quiz series in Hamburg since November 2018, has also started operating in Berlin in 2019 and is active online since the Corona outbreak. The events take place approximately every week. In normal times around 600 participants play at public events every month. Monkey-Quiz is also booked for company events, Christmas parties, weddings and other events. The founder and the head behind the questions is Natalia Muntyan, who runs this business as a sole proprietor.

In a nutshell

With over 60 company events hosted, we know what we're doing

Minimum cost of 350€, depending on number of participants

Typical time is 1.5 hours. Shorter or longer possible on request

At least 20 players (but we've played with less) and up to 5,000

Questions and hosting available in German or English or in both languages.

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